BEEFALO: breeding up/breeding down BEEFALO CROSSES

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Ayiana (F1): dam is a Droughtmaster   sire, a purebred Beefalo (34.9% bison)

Evanston Thaddaeus (F1): dam: Brahford sire:Evanston, a purebred Beefalo (34.9% bison)

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One can breed Beefalo with any breed that suits you or the area. The F 1 Generation is the first cross between a fullblood (37.5 percent bison content), a purebred (34 to 37 percent)or a Beefalo above 37.5percent (bison hybrid), as long as the F1 is at least 17 percent bison. (Below 17 percent, Beefalo meat looses its characteristics and reverts back to "normal" beef): go to Beefalo Meat

Beefalo do not throw true to colour, as the Beefalo side is a composite of different breeds and the bison part. Even with the same sire and one bovine breed, you get them in all colours.

We now have several F2 heifers and are breeding the F3 generation. To get different genetics we do AI or the Xtra Thunder progeny go to Midnight Glory, a fullblood (37.5%) bull that we bred ourselves (AI).

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Our bison venture allows us to breed-up! Our 3 bison heifers (see also Farmdiary)are just about ready to be mated. Evanston Thaddaeus is not related to either Xtra Thunder, nor Midnight Glory.

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 The first generation of bison hybrids will be 59% bison content. The heifers will be fertile, the bull calves will be most probably sterile. Breeding down gives us more breeding possibilities and adds to our genetic pool

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Chumani (F1): dam a Droughtmaster, sire the same bull as Ayiana.

F2: Ayiana 17.45% the Sire in this case Xtra Thunder (42% bison): Ashkii is app 30% bison content

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Cody (34.9%) was the sire of the first F1 we bred. Breeding up: to achieve at least 34% we need to breed up 3 to 4 generations, depending on the percentage of bison content of the sires.

Xtra Thunder is our US imported Bison Hybrid bull (42%). He is 4 years old, 880 kg and still growing...Despite his high Bison content he is very placid.

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